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Copyright and Trademarks

The City of Winter Garden reserves the right to file for copyright, trademark, and other protection regarding the City’s official seal, insignia, logos, and any other intellectual property or matter, and the City expressly claims all protections available under the law related to these matters.  In addition, please note that it is a violation of Section 165.043, Florida Statutes to use the city seal without the City’s permission.  Therefore, to the extent allowable under the law (including but not limited to the public records laws), use of the foregoing marks and other matters by persons and entities other than the City requires written permission from the City. 

In addition, certain material and content on the City’s website and other sites may constitute intellectual property of CivicPlus or other contractors who have provided services to the City in relation to its website or other sites.  The City makes no claims or representations with respect to any intellectual property that the City does not own.  No intellectual property shall be unlawfully taken or used in any matter without obtaining permission from the owner.  The City disclaims and shall have no responsibility for any claims of copyright, trademark, or other violation related to content or matters provided by a City contractor or other third party.


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